12 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Google Devices (2019): Pixel, Nest, Chromecast

12 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Google Devices (2019): Pixel, Nest, Chromecast

Google has a veritable hardware ecosystem up and running with its ever-expanding line of Nest smart speakers, routers, Pixel phones, not to mention its new Stadia game-streaming service. If you’re expanding your Google-powered smart home, or you’re looking to build one, there are a slew of discounted products for you to choose from.

We’ve rounded up the best Google device Cyber Monday deals we’ve found. We primarily link to Walmart in this guide, but these deals are also available from Google’s own store, Target, and Best Buy.

Note: We will update this post with new deals as we find them. If an item is no longer at its deal price or sold out, we cross it out. Deal prices sometimes return and items come back in stock faster than we can update, so it never hurts to check for yourself.

Updated December 2: We changed Amazon’s Nest Learning Thermostat price to reflect a steeper discount and removed the Pixel Slade deal because some models are sold out.

WIRED’s Cyber Monday Coverage

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Pixel and Chromecast Deals

Photograph: Google
  • Google Pixel 4 XL for $700 ($200 off) at Walmart

    or Amazon: The Pixel 4 XL (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is Google’s latest smartphone, and it has an advanced face unlocking system. The camera is excellent, and you can get closer to a subject with the telephoto zoom lens. Like all Pixel phones, it gets updates straight from Google, which puts it on par with the iPhone. We do wish its battery life was better than adequate, and you’ll have to pay extra to get more than 64 GB of storage. The smaller Pixel 4 is also $200 off, but battery life is quite poor, so we recommend going for the XL.

  • Google Pixel 3A for $299 ($100 off) at Amazon or Amazon ($299, backordered): Our favorite phone of the year was already affordable. Now it’s a steal. The Pixel 3A has a 5.6-inch screen, and it brings a flagship camera experience to the mid-range and budget phone category. Performance is pretty good, too. The bigger, 6-inch screen on the Pixel 3A XL is still available for those that need more screen, and you get a bigger battery to boot.

  • Google Chromecast Ultra for $49 ($20 off) at Walmart or Google Store: If you have a 4K TV with no smarts built-in, or want a simple way to cast movies and shows to it from your phone, then this is your best bet. It also works with Google Stadia. The standard HD Chromecast is also on sale for $25 ($10 off).

Google Home and Nest Deals

Google Nest Hub



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