Shark news: Fisherman gets into violent brawl with ‘vicious’ Great white shark | World | News

Shark news: Fisherman gets into violent brawl with ‘vicious’ Great white shark | World | News

Jake Brune experienced the encounter in February when spearfishing just south of Perth, Australia. While Mr Brune and his friends fished at a spot teeming with catch but the men didn’t realise a warning had gone out around the area after a humpback whale carcass in the area was thought to be attracting sharks. Mr Brune and his friend swam away from the boat over 70 metres when they unexpectedly felt a rush of water underneath them.

It was then that Mr Brune’s legs were hit so hard they slammed into his chest.

He said: “I knew straight away it was a shark, I just knew it. But I didn’t know what part of the shark hit me. In that immediate moment, I couldn’t work it out.”

Reacting to the shark in the water Mr Brune pushed the speargun towards the Great white forcing the predator to swim away.

Following the confrontation the pair tried swimming back to the boat but the shark returned to attack them again.

“I was looking right down its mouth, right at its big, bloody, vicious gums with its white, jaggered, triangle teeth. And it didn’t change its line. It just came straight at me and I thought “this is it”,’ he said.

After once again coming face to face with the shark Mr Brune in desperation thrust the speargun at the shark.

“As I smashed my gun forward I felt a rush of water and opened my eyes and saw the shark dash downward at the last instant. I couldn’t believe it. I’d survived,” he said.

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The close encounter comes as last week a 23-year-old man was attacked by a shark off the coast of Mexico.

Officials have reported that the man had a chunk taken out of his forearm in the encounter.

The man was able to swim back to his charter boat in the Pacific near San Carlos and call for help.

The man’s name and hometown have not been publicly released.

However, the Mexican Navy have confirmed that the attack took place near Baja California Sur off northwestern Mexico.

The Navy sent a boat to retrieve the man and took him to a local hospital for treatment.


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